The most important thing every online retailer and business owner should do is create online store in a safe and secure way! Read and discover how to create one!


Running a safe and secure online store is very important in the online retail world. If you don’t take the time to ensure security and safety or create necessary security measures, you will fail after some time as you won’t be able to convince your customers that your business is reliable and that they can purchase your products.

Security is really important for every online retailer and everyone who wants to sell products or services online. Even though we all know this, when starting a store, it is so easy to forget what is your priority and that is to create a safe online store.

In order to help you, we’ve decided to create a list of tips that will help you consider security for your new online business or ecommerce store:

  • Choose your web host wisely – The first thing you need to do is select a reliable and secure web hosting service provider. When choosing one, make sure it is reputable and values security. Stay away from unreliable and insecure web host service providers that can harm your online business. You need to look for web hosts that monitor and prevent problems and attacks, have recent server software as you want a host with a modern and up-to-date software, and a web host service provider that can isolate hacks and infections.
  • Choose passwords carefully – You need to pay attention when choosing a password as if you choose a pretty simple or weak password, it can be easily hacked. When choosing your password, you need to make sure it is a combination of capital and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. We also advise you not to use the same password for every account. You should pick a different password for each account, the passwords can be similar, but not the same. The password length doesn’t matter at all. However, the longer the password the better as longer passwords are more difficult in hacking them. In order to run a safe and secure online store, you should require strong passwords from your customers as well. You need to hold your customers and online visitors to the same security standards as you hold yourself to. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your ecommerce store is as protected and safe as possible.
  • Set up a strong firewall – For those who don’t know – a firewall is a software or a hardware system between two or more different networks and it allows legitimate access and prevents malicious or unauthorized traffic to enter the system. This is really important for all online business owners to set up from the start as ecommerce websites receive a large amount of traffic. The Firewalls control and monitor the traffic and they protect the system and your ecommerce store from the inside out. If you want to create online store that is safe and secure, setting up a strong firewall is a must.
  • Take advantage of encryption software – Besides encrypting confidential information between the browsers and the website, you should use encrypted algorithms so you can keep hackers and intruders away from your site and your codes. This is especially important if you keep sensitive information. After all, it is better safe than sorry, right?

By following these helpful few tips you will be able to create safe and secure online store from the start! Follow our tips and build a healthy and prosperous online business