Authentic expression

What the headline says is, I’m myself come hell or high water.
You, anyone reading this, needs to make that shift; if you haven’t. From, valuing other people’s opinions – of how you are living and what you are doing – and ask yourself what you want. When you’ve found those dreams, often buried under tons of excuses, you’ve found yourself. If you haven’t found yourself, you’re living by someone elses rules; and, really not making anyone happy by it, either; because noone in the world wants you to feel like that. It’s in your head – and the more you believe it, the more others will act as if it was true (because they have the same mental demons; that cause them to walk around like zombies and sheeps).

But, all it really comes down to, is this: if you’re not being you, then who the hell are you being..? Realize that, whatever you’re doing right now – that ISN’T what you want deep down – is a lie. A lie to whom? You, and anyone around you; because you’re not expressing your real feelings and thoughts and opinions. You’re not giving, to others, what you really are. …Who are you? Those dreams that come up when the mental noice is silenced.

My life has been very tough, a whole lot of times – and, sometimes, almost constantly for years (two last years, when trying to make this whole make-money-online thing work, have been really tough pretty much constantly). BUT – what I’ve found is, that real person  inside you never disappears; like a radio station you’ve forgotten the frequency for, all you need is tune into whatever it is you really burn for; what, which exists in your life or could exist in your life, would actually make you want to get up in the morning? All you really need is ignite that spark and, in your day job and everything else, just keep it lit. How? That will happen automatically once you’ve found that; realizing, what it is you’ve found, will become a burning need.

Honestly, I wrote all that as much because I need it, right now, as anything else. You see – you always have this big-dreams-personality waiting underneath all the excuses. I really think that, regardless of how high the pile of stinking mental garbage – of excuses and not living you – has grown, the real you is still hidden there, underneath.
Right now, my journey back to me circulates around building an online business, that allows me to travel the world, be who I want to be around people I’m attracted to, and just enjoy life. This business, needs to be based around making money by being me. Is that posible? Ask Rick Schefren; the guy behind more internet marketing gurus than anyone else. But – of course, the you making money, needs to be the real you; burning for what you burn for, living on your own terms; rather than the zombie-you. Whatever anyone has told you, you is what will make you money. If anyone, reading this, have tips regarding how to build this business – let me know!

I will consistently update you guys on what’s happening, what is going well and what is sucking (technical stuff, definitely) regarding this business-building. I will provide money-making tips, also, based on what some world-class ethical money-making people are teaching :) . If you, too, want a freedom business <a href=””>go here for the perspective you need</a>

I’m really not sure what I’m going to write about, here. I’m out to give value, and give of myself; but not sure what the subject will be… Some of my interests are music, guitar playing (have my own method that, if you want me to, I could share), working out (could share an awesome home-workout method if anyone’s interested?), women, socializing, sports, traveling (it happens all too seldomly…) and…well, people really:) . What would you like to hear about?